Creative productivity with like-minded people that produce works of meaning and merit is my obsession and core motivation.

My purpose in life is to engage, entertain, and educate people with the things I have built. Creative productivity is my ultimate form of recreation.

I am the co-founder of Practical Service Design and co-creator of the Practical Service Blueprint. I'm also the author of a 4-book space opera series and fiction podcast.

Have a look at my portfolio, my approach or career history. If you see something you like, connect with me on LinkedIn, Twitter, Amazon, or just send an email!

Presently I work at Mural as Sr. Principal Design Strategist, helping change the way we think, collaborate, and make the abstract concrete.

  • Product design & strategy
  • Service design & strategy
  • Design technology
  • Empathetic research
  • Interaction, visual, & interface design
  • Group facilitation
  • Experience mapping of all sorts
  • Qualitative user interviewing
  • Information architecture
  • Speaking, broadcasting, teaching
  • Design-org culture-design
  • Team & project leadership