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Work with me at Intuit as a Senior UX and Service Designer

Senior UX and Service Designer

Customer’s experiences are things that span time, touchpoints, channels and frames of mind. I’m building up an end-to-end action presence at Intuit and bringing the ecosystem focused service design practices to life. If you have ever wanted to go beyond UX design and into something that is more focused on end-to-end experience design and how customers interact with what you offer across time and context, then well well do I have a job for you.

The Job

This job is a broad, multi-disciplined role that covers strategic service design, tactical UX execution, and driving highly interactive ongoing partnerships. Work will be varied across different teams, and encompass working in the capacity of a service designer, Sr. UX generalist, and project driver responsible for planning, partnering, and execution through all phases of a project lifecycle.

This is a role that adapts to the needs of the situation, and is perfect for someone who wants to be a driven, accountable experience design professional working in a horizontal role across an organization.

This role will work directly with me on my team that is the core of the Intuit Small Business Group (QuickBooks and all related business offerings), directly influencing business direction, experience strategy, and millions of customers across the globe.

This job is located at Intuit headquarters in Mountain View CA, right across from the Googleplex.

This job is

  • Ecosystem focused, not specific products
  • A role that requires a broad range of UX and service design skills
  • Highly accountable when driving projects and keeping the momentum with partners and stakeholders
  • A role that will require experience in the tangible nature of producing assets and designs
  • Rooted in our service design team and mindset of mapping and diagnosing root-cause problems, finding the opportunities to improve them, and teasing out the work that needs to be executed to do so.

The service design aspects include

  • Working with voice of the customer and product management to look at data around where to focus the service design projects.
  • Participating and leading service design workshops, assembling teams and building detailed service blueprints and user journeys.
  • Creating informative, detailed, and highly compelling artifacts to share with partners and stakeholders once mapping and blueprinting has been iterated on.
  • Participating in ecosystem strategy and thought leadership around creating cohesive customer experiences across touchpoints.
  • An expectation around performing the broad range of service design activities from ecosystem mapping, service blueprinting, user journeys, use case designing, scenario research, and more

The UX aspects include

  • Executing tactical, tangible design solutions for a variety of projects, usually as a result of the service design work.
  • Producing flows, wireframes, mockups and simple prototypes as needed to be provided to product management and development to start work on
  • Testing, researching, and validating the design ideas and experiences.
  • Filling gaps in the UX presences in our team and our partners projects when needed.
  • An expectation around performing the broad range of UX activities from research, IA, IxD, interface and visual design.

Job Details

This job is located within Intuit’s small business group, the group that builds the entire QuickBooks line of offerings. The work is focused around customer care, and works to design experiences that improve the customer’s experience across the ecosystem, and improve the experience of how a customer interacts with both care and the products/services themselves.

The job is not just focused on designing care experience; the primary goal of our team is to identify root cause problems anywhere along the customer experience, and map those experiences into service blueprints which we use to inform strategic and tactical work to improve that experience throughout the products and services. This gives the job a very wide reach and scope with how it solves problems, and has the potential to impact entire customer experience from end to end.


If you want to know more, contact me at, and be sure to include

  • A description of what you’re looking for
  • A PDF resume and/or link to your web portfolio/site
  • Questions about the job

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