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Why Customer Experience Isn’t Enough: Silicon Valley Needs Service Design

Posted June 8, 2016

Megan (Megan Erin Miller) and I recently published an article in the Service Design Network’s “Touchpoint Journal”, and it is now publicly available to read on their website.

Opening Excerpt:

Silicon Valley is the home of most of the world’s most influential tech companies. A focus on design and customer experience is everywhere, from the CEO down to the newly hired designer. Many tech companies that once dominated through features and functionality now compete almost solely on the customer experience. But today, competing on the customer experience of touchpoints isn’t enough.

Read the story today and tell us what you think!


This article is published in the Touchpoint Journal Volume 8, Issue 1, go and check it it on the SDN website and buy yours today in digital, or beautiful print format! Get it here:

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