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Return to TajRiba: Prototyping – Look Forward to Surprises

Posted September 15, 2013

I’m back at TajRiba Tuesday morning for talk #2 “Prototyping – Look Forward to Surprises”. This is a bit different than “UX 101: UX Purpose”. Focusing on just one aspect should let me dive in to some more detail, some stories and examples, and more tweetable quips and by your’s truly.

If you want to see a cursory breakdown of the first one “UX 101: UX Purpose” click to check it out.

Hopefully I’ve ironed out some mental kinks in the apprehension from broadcasting live from my studio here. I think I have. I swear it’s easier to talk live in front of the audience than it is to be so far away talking blind. Oh well.

You wouldn’t think that 19th century poet John Keats has anything to do with UX prototyping, but oh you’d be mistaken.


Tune in later for the recording and slides and breakdown.

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