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Announcing Practical Service Design – Website, Guide, Community of Practice

Posted November 19, 2015

At the Adaptive Path Service Experience Conference 2014, I gave a talk about building service design capability at Intuit. At that conference, I met a few fellow service design enthusiasts, one of whom was named Megan, @meganerinmiller. She saw my talk and felt like I had something I could share, so she reached out to see if I could relate any of my experiences to her as she pursued a journey to service design of her own.

Turns out, we both had a natural inclination for pursuing passion projects outside of our normal work, and both wanted to dive in to this area of study and creativity for no reason other than exploring and discovering new things we thought could help us, and others.

We started out with no real objective, we just wanted to rap about service design, how we’re trying to learn it and integrate it into our work, and what we feel we are missing in the way of community and education.

Soon, it became clear that we wanted to do more than just keep the energy and passion around service design to ourselves. We began brainstorming methods and tactics, iterating over new ideas and giving critical thought to old ones. Learning by doing was one of our major goals, but also learning to teach others the same things was a goal as well.

All the things we were talking about needed to be codified, so we set out to put it all together into a single, public place where anyone could access it. The idea around building a toolkit, writing a guide, putting together things that people could use to learn and implement service design became a mission for us.

Week after week, month after month, we put together material, worked through scenarios, took ideas back to our work to try out, implement, and iterate on, looking for ways to improve upon what we were doing and figure out how to translate it to others.

Now, 4 conference presentations, 2 workshop presentations, hundreds of emails and chats, dozens of meetings and phone calls, and a mountain of Google Docs later, we’ve finally launched the first step of our mission with and its companion free ebook!


Looking back, I can’t believe it was a whole year, and yet we’re just getting started. We plan to grow Practical Service Design into a useful resource and community of practice for those interested in service design anywhere in the world!

Head on over and check it out, download the guide, and join the Slack channel if you feel like talking with those who share your same interest in service design.

I love all things experience design. I work as a Principal Service Experience Designer at Intuit in Mountain View, CA.

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