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The Brain Behind UX

Posted April 17, 2013

About a week ago I wrote The UX Psychologist about how an education in psychology directly applies to UX. In it there was a section on neuropsychology, which is one of my favorite areas of study. So, like anyone would, I decided to take 30 hours and make an infographic. I hope you all enjoy.

Click to download the infographic vector PDF:

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    great job! thx

  • James Mole McConnell

    Nice work. Just so you know. Your preview is different from full version. In the full version you have a typo on the title paragraph . functions, not “fuctions”

  • Erik Flowers

    Damn. How embarrassing, hah. Hopefully not to many people have noticed… I better fix it!

  • Guest

    We’re all human. Feel free to remove my comment once you’ve changed it.

  • James Mole McConnell

    We’re all human. Feel free to remove my comment once you’ve changed it

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