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Say Something Real or Say Nothing At All

Posted September 12, 2016

I’m changing up the blog. With my focus on Practical Service Design, I often find myself writing there and trying to focus on that passion, and the UX, Bootstrap, total design related articles here have suffered. But – writing is my one true passion, and I have a lot I want to write and say. So as of today, I am adding to this blog the category of “life stuff posts.” Which simply means that in addition to writing about design, career, and tech things, I will write things that aren’t that. Personal things. Stories. Reflections. Basically, anything I want. It’s cheaper than plan B which is setting up a recording studio for the 2nd time in my life.

Will people read it? Who knows. Those 3 Bootstrap articles are the bulk of my traffic, which I am very grateful for, that I can help so many tens of thousands of people each month with something I care about.

First post should be coming today. Hopefully people get something out of it. If not, hopefully I get something out of it.

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