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Pro Resume Critique and Phone Consultation

Closed for redesign! Back open March 1st – contact me to pre-schedule.

Do any of these statements resonate with you?

  • You’re unsure about your materials and want a review from a design professional.
  • You’ve got specific questions regarding your design career and want direct conversation.
  • You feel like it’s time to level up and want an assessment of where you’re at.

The landscape of UX and design careers is a tangled jungle of confusing mixed messages regarding just what employers want and how you should be presenting yourself. I believe that everyone needs the chance to present their best self and to have access to knowledge and support from professionals.

I do this by offering tough-love, direct feedback, and personalized recommendations to give you direction, clarity, and a LOT to think about based on your needs for where you are in your career journey.

Remember – when trying to help someone by critiquing their work, “it’s not nice to be nice.” I’m very friendly! But if I take your money, I have an ethical responsibility to cut down to the bone. You’re paying me to help you get a call back, not feel good about the state of your current materials. So let’s do it!


I currently offer 2 services, the Pro Resume Review and Report, and Real-Talk Phone Consultation; or buy both at once for a discount.

Upon payment, you will receive a pre-review questionnaire so I can hear what you want, where you’re going, and what you’re trying to accomplish.


“My company downsized and let me go, and my resume was a wreck. I was very pleased with the help I got from Erik and even came back two years later when I was ready to search for another job” – JS
“Wow, I’ve got a lot to think about, thank you for such an in-depth review.” – AD
“This is awesome! So much better than what I had. I’ve gotten comments on how well it’s presented in a few interviews so far.” – PT
“You helped me clarify what I wanted when I was pitching a new role to my organization, and I was able to get them to buy in to the idea, and now I’m in the role I wanted!” – EC

Have questions or encounter a problem? Contact me!

Pro Resume Review

Resume and LinkedIn reviewed with a 7 day turnaround!

  • Material Review: In-depth, concrete recommendations in a Google Doc. This is essentially a “book report” on what you provide, not a lightweight overview. 3-5 pages of single-spaced analysis.
  • Tough Love: The review doesn’t pull punches. If you’ve got things that will hurt your chances, you need to know.
  • Follow up email: once you’ve had time to digest and revise, you are invited to send me back your revisions for a scan of how things are looking.

Note: This does not include phone conversation.


$100 with a 7 day guaranteed turnaround.

Closed for redesign until March 1st 2017.

Real-Talk Phone Consultation

Get immediate answers, brainstorming, and suggestions on how to present a better professional self.

  • A scheduled hour of direct phone advising with me – video or audio
  • A pre-review questionnaire so I can hear what you want, where you’re going, and what you’re trying to accomplish.
  • A scan of your resume so I am up to speed on the state of your materials.

Note: This does not include resume critique.


$150 with 5 day scheduling window.

Closed for redesign until March 1st 2017

Both: Review and Call

Buy both for a discount and maximize your time! A 7 day turnaround on the resume review, and 5 day scheduling window for phone call (whenever you want to schedule). Ideas on how you can use this:

  • Review then Talk: Send your materials first, get your review, then we can discuss in detail.
  • Talk then Review: Don’t have anything to send? Let’s talk it out first and get you ready to go back and start writing that resume.


$200 bonus deal for both.

Closed for redesign until March 1st 2017

My Credentials

  • 18 year professional; I’m a designer just like you.
  • Experience at startups, small companies, large companies, and as a self-employed freelancer, consultant, and contractor.
  • Decade of experience as design interviewer in 1-on-1 and group interviews, as well as serving on hiring committees and as an interview program coordinator.
  • Degree in psychology, extensive experience as facilitator intern for individual and group psychotherapy.
  • And the biggest reason… I’m one of the few working, veteran designers who is willing/passionate about starting a micro-business like this!