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Get pro resume critique and phone coaching from me!

Posted June 11, 2016

After years of responding to emails from people looking for advice about their career path, or needing a critique of their resume (or maybe they don’t have a resume at all!), I am offering professional review and phone coaching!

I’m providing two different services: Pro Review and Brand Checkup, where I will give your resume and portfolio/website an in-depth critique and review, and a multi-page written response for you to think about and use to improve your professional presentation.

For those who want something more immediate and customized, some Real-Talk Phone Consultation might be for you. Get an hour with me to dive deep into your needs, goals, and get a chance to ask questions and get straight answers.

Don’t be afraid of a little tough love – you’re spending money to improve, and improvement can take a little stretching and growing. I’m here to help clarify your goals and give advice on how you present yourself.

If this sounds like something you’ve been looking for, head over to the Pro Resume and Portfolio Critique and Phone Coaching page and select which option is right for you!

Pro Resume Critique or Phone Consultation from me!
Get professional tune-up and expert advice!
Resume Reviews – Consultation Calls
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