Professional UX Consulting

I have two loves when it comes to my work; building things and sharing information. The reason I consult is to satisfy both. Being able to use design thinking to solve problems is what wakes me up in the morning, and the chance to collaborate, share, and teach others is what keeps me going during the day.

In everything I do, I believe in the idea that all experiences can be great. I believe it’s worthy to fight and work towards greatness. I do this by working to innovate and build things that have clear purpose, are easy to use, and deliver solutions that matter.

I am a UX professional with 16 years of experience in web and software product design. I offer the complete range of experience design services; evaluation and analysis, strategy, research, product vision, information architecture, prototyping and rapid experimentation, as well as interaction, interface and visual design.

Consulting Projects

If you have specific ideas not listed below, send them along with your inquiry. Contracts are flexible and tailored to your specific needs. Projects proposals are detailed out in a statement of work that includes specific project goals, milestones, and obligations along with a schedule for completing the project. Projects can include additional consultants at no additional cost above estimate.

Contact to start the conversation; I am excited to hear from you!

Suggested Focuses

Early Stage

  • Overall UX Assessment, Analysis, Critique
  • Product/Service Analysis and Critique
  • Persona Planning, Strategy, Research
  • Product Experience Planning

Mid Stage

  • Usability Analysis and Critique
  • Interface / Visual Design Analysis and Critique
  • Information Architecture
  • User Story Flow Creation
  • Task Flow Creation
  • Storyboard Creation

Later Stage

  • Prototype/Demo Creation
  • Presentation “Press Release”
  • Rapid Experimentation / Idea Validation
  • Interface Design / Wireframing / Interaction Design
  • Product Interface and Visual Design Templates

Development Production

Development production is for deliverables that are “coding ready” for handoff to developers or product managers. Development deliverables are built on top of UX work that has already been completed and is specifically designed for your development team needs.

Possible Options

  • Agile stories
  • Cucumber scenarios
  • Acceptance criteria
  • Annotated interaction design
  • Development mockups and wireframes
  • Production HTML/CSS

Training, Advice and Analysis

If literal consulting or training is what you want, with no specific project deliverables or schedule, let me know and a fluid deal can be worked out for on-demand UX “counsel” instead of project contracts.

MVP Production

MVP production is an adhoc combination of any/all of the above, contracted and billed as the completion of an MVP. This is a focused, multifaceted effort that has a specific, comprehensive deliverable. Typically, an MVP is a substantial project that involves development and design resources.

Bootstrap Consulting

I specialize in Bootstrap 3 consulting, troubleshooting, and design. If you have need for Bootstrap 3 consulting, I can offer a wide variety of UX and design services specific to the Bootstrap HTML and CSS framework, specializing in grid design, responsive design, and LessCSS workflow and code structure

Consulting Process

1. Engaging
The first step in any project is understanding the problems your users have, how they are currently encountering or solving them, why you want to solve it, and why your customers should even care. We do our best to get on the same page, and we form the basis of being a team.

2. Exploring
Once we have a shared understanding of the goal, we can explore and the information and options we have available, and create a “map” of where we are and where we want to go. It’s not the time we decided on a solution – it’s the time to get everything out and come to an agreement on what the situation at hand actually is.

3. Working
When work happens, it’s a continuous series of tight loops between you and I. Things evolve in real time and are constantly being tweaked and changed. Rapid experiments can be carried out to quickly validate ideas and either persevere, or pivot if they are duds.

4. Validating
The work can be complete without some form of validation. We gather information from users, give them opportunities to try, test, or comment on what we are building, and make course corrections based on the feedback.

5. Shipping
Experiences can only happen in the wild, so our goal is to get things to a state that they are shippable, and get them into user’s hands. This is usually the goal and conclusion of the project. In the end, we want to be at a point where we’ve created a self-contained product or service that is capable of delivering business value to you and a solution to your customers.

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Contact to start the conversation; I am excited to hear from you!