About Me


I currently work as Principal Service Experience Designer at Intuit.

I’m an experience zealot that is constantly evangelizing the principles and ideals of user experience design, putting passion and creativity into everything I do. My goal is to make things that delight and give people something that is useful.

I believe that true, higher order customer experience design has the power to influence lives and behaviors in major ways. Customer experience is about the design of systems and modalities that people move through. It’s more than just product or interface design. There’s a deeper meaning of bringing humanity to technology and bridging the gap between the humans who build, and the humans who use.

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In addition to over 15 years of web experience, I have a bachelors degree in Psychology. It’s part of the core source of knowledge for me, being a major aspect of what takes UX from the most base level of being perceived as justĀ UI, to the higher level of what is really important about experience design: empathizing and connecting with the user and the problem you are trying to solve.