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About Me

I’ve spent most of my life deeply interested in technology, creativity, and making things with both. As a teenager, I was a classic computer nerd, spending most of my times messing with the computer my parent bought me, doing 1 of 4 things: messing with software and programs and figuring things out. Messing with the hardware and building/ruining computers by tinkering too much. Writing fiction stories. And of course, playing games.

Most of that is still true today.

I’m a serial hobbyist who has done everything from being a pro-am Jet Ski racer, to powerlifting, SLR photography, dog training, guitar, drums, playing in bands, recording digital music, helping run a music venue, helping run a cafe, riding and working on Harley bikes, riding on working on bullet bikes,

Currently my free-time focus is on my kids, developing service design discourse around the industry, bodybuilding (I’m only 9 months in), and writing a scifi novel I seriously honestly truly plan on publishing (or self publishing … !).

At my core, I love to build and unbuild things, create things, immerse myself in things 100%, and generally my forms of recreation can be considered a type of “work” to most people. Relaxing is not my thing.

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