About Me

I am a experience zealot that is constantly evangelizing the principles and ideals of user experience design, putting passion and creativity into everything I do. My goal is to make things that delight and give people something that is useful.

I believe that true, higher order UX design has the power to influence lives and behaviors in major ways. UX is about the design of systems and modalities that people move through. It’s more than just product or interface design to me. There’s a deeper meaning of bringing humanity to technology and bridging the gap between the humans who build, and the humans who uses.

Read more about my view on UX here: View on UX.

In my personal life I like to spend time with family, write, build websites, play video games, fiddle with electronics, do lazy hiking, work with tools, and enjoy great science fiction. And tattoos.


I have spent most of my life living and working with computers. I started writing HTML and building websites in the mid-90′s. I spent many years as a graphic designer and web designer, building all the non-programming parts of web and HTML based projects. I am very technically minded and have worked in design and development organizations both large and small, enterprise and consumer.

I evolved right alongside web technology, and consider myself a well rounded expert in web design and a fluent collaborator with web development technologies. I am one a popular writer on Twitter Bootstrap 3 and have a great deal of knowledge around the framework, responsive design, and the Less CSS preprocessing language. I have worked in almost every type of development framework, from ColdFusion, PHP, Node, JavaScript, Clojure, Pedestal, Datomic… and more I probably am forgetting. I am a real computer nerd down to nitty gritty hardware technologies and consider computers, web design and UX my hobby as well as my job.

I have spent my career building the user-facing aspects of web and software projects, from the UX side that involves research, information architecture, user stories and narratives, flows and processes through wireframing, interaction design, interface design, and visual design and graphic art. I have spent many years as an individual contributor, and the recent years as a leader and owner of products and projects.

Focus and interests include:

  • High Level Experience Strategy
  • UX Process Architecture
  • UX Coaching and Evangelism
  • Agile Design and Development
  • Strategic Product Management
  • Service Experience Design
  • Product Vision and Innovation
  • Behavior Driven Design
  • User Research and Personas
  • User Journey Mapping
  • Web Application Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Rapid Experimentation
  • Usability Testing
  • Interface, Interaction, Visual Design

Software, Tools, Technology

  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • Less CSS Language
  • Bootstrap Framework
  • Responsive Design
  • HTML Prototyping
  • Jade
  • SublimeText
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Sketch
  • InDesign
  • OmniGraffle
  • Axure
  • InVision, Prototyper
  • SSH, Git, SVN, Make, etc.
  • Advanced WordPress modification/theming
  • OS X, Windows, Ubuntu
  • Wide web server knowledge (Apache, DNS, etc)

Thought I am not a programmer, in addition to design and UX expertise, I am also “conversational” (can read and write basics) and have a working understanding of:

  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • CofeeScript
  • Clojure
  • PHP/mySQL

As well as a broad range of technical skills and experience in the front-end pieces of development and fluency in backend technologies and infrastructure. I also have a unique experience in the UX of enterprise security and PKI.


In addition to over 15 years of web experience, I have a bachelors degree in Psychology. It’s part of the core source of knowledge for me, being a major aspect of what takes UX from the most base level of being perceived as just UI, to the higher level of what is really important about experience design: empathizing and connecting with the user and the problem you are trying to solve.

I love attending conferences and reading, and always stay right on the bleeding edge of UX, technology, practices and tools.

  • BS Psychology: Main areas of study – Applied Psychology, Behavior Science, Research, Statistics, Memory, Learning, Neuropsychology.
  • Completed 9 credit practicum as intern facilitator with a clinical psychologist in his psychotherapy practice.
  • Completed additional 12 credit internship as intern facilitator with a clinical psychologist in his psychotherapy practice.
  • Interned as group facilitator and teacher for the Department of Child and Family Services.
  • Outstanding Student of Applied Psychology - Issued by Dr. John T. Ault, Department Chair, Psychology
  • Publication: “Integrated Battery for Posterior Brain Function: Validation of the Arc and Radial Trajectories Subtests.”
    • Rocky Mountain Psychological Association Conference, 2005 Phoenix, AZ.
    • Contributions: Concept, Battery Design, Participant Gathering, Test Administration, Statistical Analysis

Most relevant courses:

  • Clinical Neuropsychology (PSY 4320)
  • Research Design (PSY 3410)
  • Statistics in Psychology (PSY 3010)
  • Models, Methods and Professional Issues (PSY 2010)
  • Cognitive Psychology (PSY 3320)
  • Advanced Practicum and Internship (PSY 4896)
  • Principles of Assessment (PSY 3430)

Adaptive Path Service Experience Design 2013
The Service Experience Conference brings together designers and business leaders to address the practice and execution of service design.

Adaptive Path Managing Experience 2013
Managing Experience is a conference for leaders guiding better experiences into the world.

Presenting Data and Information 2012 – Edward Tufte
Fundamental strategies of analytical design

Work History

  • Principal Interaction Service Designer – Intuit
    2/14 – Present
    Tax and Finance Services
  • Senior Director, User Experience – Jive Communications
    6/13 – 2/14
    Cloud Unified Communications
  • UX Manager – Venafi
    8/11 – 6/13
    Enterprise Security, Key and Certificate Management
  • Lead User Experience Designer – Datamark
    11/10 – 9/11
    Online Marketing and Lead Management
  • Consultant, UX and Web Development – Persona Reactive
    5/2006 – 11/10
    UX and Web Design/Development Consultancy
  • Senior Web and Product Designer - Advanced Business Development
    8/02 – 5/06
    Direct Marketing Products, Analysis and Optimization
  • Web and Product Designer - Iworks
    1/00 – 8/02
    Direct Marketing Products, Analysis and Optimization
  • Web and Product Designer - Attitude Ink
    5/98 – 4/99
    Full Spectrum Web Design/Development Firm
  • Product Visual Designer - LearnKey
    4/95 – 10/95
    Technical Education and Certification Interactive Products

See my complete work history and past experience on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/erikflowers/

Speaking Engagements

Tajriba – The Nairobi Kenya UX Month
The first sub-Saharan African month long conference and workshop focused on UX, design, and giving a series of practical training sessions that help Africans develop products that solve African problems.

Keynote – Prototyping: Look Forward to Surprises – 9/17/13
Keynote – UX101: UX Purpose – 9/11/13